“As a lawyer, what’s inspiring to me is that it takes people and real stories to give purpose to the law. It gives me meaning. At the end of the day, it’s all I want to do.” – Michael Gonzalez

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What To Do When Stopped For DWI

The usual beginning of a DWI is that a cop walks up to your door, and asks you whether you’ve been drinking. And to that point, they have no evidence on you. They claim to smell an odor of alcohol. They claim that your eyes are bloodshot, but that will not suffice to be ...

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Misdemeanors In Texas

In the state of Texas, you have a Class A, Class B, and Class C misdemeanor. It’s unlike grade school. You want to get the C, you don’t want to get the A. Because a C entails– well the range of punishment for a Class C misdemeanor is up to a $500 fine, no jail […]

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Field Sobriety Test

When a cop shines a light in your eye, what they’re looking for, actually what they’re doing is, they’re performing a field sobriety test, called the horizontal gaze nystagmus. And that test, studies suggest that when you’ve had alcohol to drink, your eye will twitch at ...

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Private Attorney vs Public Defender

What is the difference between a private attorney that you hire and retain versus a public defender. There’s– at least in Cameron County, there is a pretty big misconception that the private attorney will do a better job than the court-appointed attorney.  ...

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Appealing An Older Case

A lot of people walk in the door and ask me whether they can appeal a case that they plead guilty to 15, 20 years ago. Or whether they can get an expunction or somehow get it off their record or reopen the case. The quick answer to that, unfortunately, is no. That’s ...

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