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Undocumented Citizens

One thing that I think is extremely important down here in Brownsville and any border city really is a whole lot of criminal defendants who aren’t here legally. They’re undocumented. And it becomes a race to get a bond sometimes before the ICE immigration people get to the jail. But if they get there, you…

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Illegal Search and Seizure

If you’re arrested after an illegal search– now, that’s hard to declare. It just– as an illegal¬†search, you usually need to be arrested. And a lawyer needs to evaluate whether there was enough evidence to support probable cause. But it happens. If you’re arrested, and let’s say something is seized as a result of your…

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My Process

My process is quite simple. I’ll ask you to come down to my office immediately. There are real consequences for not showing up to these hearings. If it’s a criminal case, an arrest warrant, a bench warrant will be sent out. And it could be a month or two down the road, you get stopped…

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