Awareness Is Key To Avoiding Legal Woes

Everyone makes mistakes, and some may involve legal issues. A well-rounded knowledge of the laws in Texas – including the potentially costly consequences of breaking them – can make an individual think twice before engaging in criminal acts. It can also benefit anyone who ...

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What Exactly Qualifies as a Personal Injury Case?

Dealing with some type of personal injury can cause you to feel alone, frustrated and angry. Personal injury cases are one of the most common seen in the courtroom just because of the fact that they happen so frequently. If you feel that you’ve dealt with a personal ...

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Property Law

Property Law – Different Types of Deeds, Land Ownership Disputes When it comes to the act of owning property, there are a myriad of laws that apply to such a thing. The two core areas in which the majority of these laws are designated to involve the types of property ...

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Family Law: Getting Divorced In Texas

Factors to Consider When Getting Divorced in Texas If you need to seek a divorce in the state of Texas, there are some particular laws and regulations that you should become familiar with so you can make educated decisions in your own best interests throughout divorce ...

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The Settlement Process Following a Personal Injury Case

The Settlement Process Following a Personal Injury Case Once we start the process of pressing a personal injury claim, many things will start to happen. However, before we take your case straight to the Texas courts, my practice will attempt to negotiate a settlement on your ...

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Know Your Miranda Rights

Reading The Miranda Rights Miranda Rights which is also commonly known as Miranda Rule or Miranda Warning is part of a procedure requiring law enforcement officials to administer to an individual that is in custody and is subjected to questioning. Many individuals falsely ...

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The SpaceX Dilemma: Where the Shores Meet the Cosmos

Lay off the moon rocks people. SpaceX recently announced plans to construct a launch pad near Boca Chica Beach. This decision has brought national attention to Brownsville, TX. However, no one seems to be worried about what it means to us avid beach-goers. In light of all ...

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