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“As a lawyer, what’s inspiring to me is that it takes people and real stories to give purpose to the law. It gives me meaning. At the end of the day, it’s all I want to do.” – Michael Gonzalez

Practice Areas

Real Estate Law

In Texas, if you are a consumer–and the definition under the statute of a consumer is very broad–, there are protections within the statute– the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. It’s there to protect ...

Administrative Law

A license is a really important thing in the state of Texas. When the state bar or the boards that regulate the practice of a given area, a given profession, come after you, it could be very daunting. I had a client, he was ...

Family Law

Family has been a very important part of my life. My mom went to law school when I was five years old. My brother was four. She didn’t quite make it because of other reasons. But she decided to go back to law school ...

Estate Law

Unfortunately, if a family member or a loved one dies, and they own property, it might not be the thing you want to do, but what we need to do is transfer that property. Create a link between your loved one and the next ...

Recent Posts

What To Do When Stopped For DWI

By michaelgonzalezlaw | January 20, 2015

The usual beginning of a DWI is that a cop walks up to your door, and asks you whether you’ve been drinking. And to that point, they have no evidence on you. They claim to smell an odor of alcohol. They claim that your eyes are bloodshot, but that will not suffice to be convicted…

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Misdemeanors in Texas

By michaelgonzalezlaw | January 20, 2015

In the state of Texas, you have a Class A, Class B, and Class C misdemeanor. It’s unlike grade school. You want to get the C, you don’t want to get the A. Because a C entails– well the range of punishment for a Class C misdemeanor is up to a $500 fine, no jail…

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Property Law: Property Deeds, Land Disputes & More

By michaelgonzalezlaw | January 20, 2015

Property Law – Different Types of Deeds, Land Ownership Disputes When it comes to the act of owning property, there are a myriad of laws that apply to such a thing. The two core areas in which the majority of these laws are designated to involve the types of property deeds that are available, as…

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